$34.70, 105-Piece Craftsman Standard/Metric Mechanics Tool Set

Select Lowe's Stores has 105-Piece Craftsman Standard (SAE) & Metric Combination Gunmetal Chrome Mechanics Tool Set (CMMT45304) on sale for $34.67. Offer is valid In-Store Only.

Offer Notes:
Offer is valid In-Stores only, not available for purchase online
Availability for price and stock varies by location
If your preferred store does not have sale price, check surrounding stores

About this Tool Set:
Made for the auto-enthusiast, semi-pro, or do-it-yourselfer.
This set comes with 120-Tooth Quick Release Ratchets which provide maximum accessibility in tight spots.
With their slim head and 3Ð arc swing, you can get into narrow spaces with ease and quickly tighten or loosen a fastener.


If the deal does not exist, this means that it is over. {alertError}
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