3 for $9.75, 12-Pack 12oz. Soda Beverages: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Canada Dry & More

Target offers Circle Members (free to join): select 12-Pack 12oz. Soda Beverages on sale 3 for $9.75 when you follow the deal instructions below. Select free store pickup where stock permits.


Note, pricing and availability for store pickup may vary by location.

 Deal Instructions

  1. Log in to your Target Circle account
  2. Save the following offers to your account:

25% off Coca-Cola Beverages

25% off Pepsi Soda

Note: You can also add the offers to your circle account on the individual product pages.

 Select a quantity of 3 12-Pack 12oz Beverages and add to cart (you may mix & match):

         3. Proceed to checkout

         4. Price should be $13 (3 for $13 promotion) - $3.25 (25% off Circle                        Offer) = 3 for $9.75 + free store pickup

If the deal does not exist, this means that it is over. {alertError}
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